Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Setting up a preschool classroom

This is an area that I am still trying to figure out. Over the past few years I have moved and rearranged my room trying to find the most beneficial layout. Every classroom is different, but where you place your centers is crucial to your student's success. 

I wouldn't suggest having your reading corner/nook next to blocks or cars; this may distract your children from thoroughly enjoying the book exploration process. 

Teachers are always trying to find the perfect balance in their classroom, so that not all of the children are on one side of the classroom. I've tried to strategically place my centers in the best area, according to my classroom layout.

Here are some pictures of my classroom this year. 

                                   In Progress...

Dramatic Play area

Bananas for Books

Art Center

Birthday Board: I am going to post pictures of my kids holding their b-day date

Please share ideas on what has worked for you or suggestions for making my classroom more functional. I'm always striving to improve my classroom. 

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