Tuesday, September 24, 2013

All About Apples

Here is a sneak peek at a science activity for apple week. I will be posting some suggested open-ended questions, vocabulary to review and apple facts to help make this fun baking activity just as educational as the rest of the week.

Reviewing the different parts of an apple.

This is a fun way to help children practice and improve their fine-motor skills. 
After 4 days of play-dough apple pie practice, they had the opportunity to slice their own real apples, as well as make their own strips for their mini apple pie.

Stirring this sticky, thick, deliciousness was a bit of a challenge for my little ones, but they all wanted a turn! 

They each made their own apple pie.
*make sure to draw a sketch of your cupcake pan , so you don't get their mini pies mixed up. I placed a piece of tape and/or permanent marker strip to know the front. 

EAT & ENJOY for snack!

Learning is fun, with this baking activity your students will be so eager to see find out what they will be learning about the following week. 

Feel free to contact me or comment if you have any questions! I'd love to hear from you!

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