Wednesday, September 18, 2013

All About Primary Colors

Mixing Colors Ideas
Here are a few color activities that I do with my kids during our "All About Colors" week.

This is a fun way to help children learn how colors are made by mixing primary colors. I teach my kids the following song, unfortunately  I don't remember the name of the tune.

Red and yellow makes orange
Yellow and Blue makes green
Blue and red makes purple
I love mixing colors!

In the morning we always sign-in and do a quiet morning activity. This is an example from this week that promotes fine-motor skills, as well as color recognition. I made this worksheet on word. 
I decided to do this wonderful art/science idea that I found on pinterest.
 We did a partner art activity and explored the concept of primary colors. They really enjoyed picking a friend and getting messy. 
On another day we read mouse paint, and did this. I must admit my kids were more entertained with the youtube mouse paint readout loud. This version of mouse paint they enjoyed; here is the youtube link: Mouse Paint

This was another fun way to reinforce primary colors, that was very effective. You can find the worksheet at the link below. 

Click here for MIXING COLORS LESSON #1 

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