Thursday, October 31, 2013

DIY Teacher Halloween Costumes

My DIY costumes so far as a teacher:
Dora Halloween costume

DIY Dora costume
 I was Dora. I got orange pants and a pink shirt from a thrift store for $2 and bought this wig at a Halloween store for $12.  I hemmed the pants to be shorts. As for the  yellow socks and accessories I already had them. My mom was so awesome and made me the backpack with her scraps. 

DIY dora backpackDora DIY backpack
  Looks just like it, right?

DIY trio costume

I was the Rock and the 2 other preschool teachers were Paper and scissors.
This was made out of paint, leftover duct tape and cardboard. This costume didn't cost me anything, it was FREE.

Salt and Pepper
last minute easy halloween couple costume
Here is our no budget, last minute costume.  We printed a S and a P on paper and pinned it to  the back of our T-shirts. We also added had holes/dots; 2holes "dots" for the salt and three holes "dots" for the pepper.

DIY Little Mermaid 
little mermaid costume DIY
 I bought the wig on Amazon. Here is the link to the one I bought: Wine Red Wig  Beware the wig is not vibrant red, it's more of a maroon. I was slightly disappointed when I received it, but it turned out okay. 

Ste-by-step tutorial sew mermaid fin skirt
$5 Little Mermaid Fin skirt that I made myself. I spent $10 at Joanna's on green stretchy lining, green sparkly fabric, thread and the tulle.  Lucky for me, I had extra fabric that I made 2 mermaid skirts! 

For step-by-step beginner sewing directions click here

little mermaid make-up and red hair
My make-up. 
I'm no expert, but I decided I wanted some teal green and shimmery purple with red lipstick. I also colored in my eyebrows with red eye shadow that I had. 

I bought a bag of plastic pearls for $3 on amazon and made my own necklace, bracelets and earrings with tons of extra "pearls" for another project. 

Halloween couple DIY costume
Ariel and Prince Eric. Ready for Halloween! 

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