Friday, October 25, 2013

What inside a pumpkin?

Science can be so much fun
The children have been learning about the pumpkin life cycle and the different parts of a pumpkin. They've seen pictures in books and on youtube all week long, but nothing is better than the real thing.
While I was cutting the top of the pumpkin the children were reviewing their pumpkin facts.
We reviewed the life cycle and then I proceeded to ask them question:

What do we call the dark orange part of the pumpkin that's on the outside?
What do we call the deep lines all around the skin?

Does our classroom pumpkin have a stem?
What are some things we will find inside a pumpkin?
Once I finally cut the top I showed the children the different parts. This visual really helped to engrave the definition of the vocabulary they've been learning all week.
Pumpkin preschool science
Parts of a pumpkin
My little helpers getting the seeds out
disecting a pumpking
Some of the kids enjoyed getting all slimy
and others were done with after one try.
inside a pumpkin
Trying to get all the seeds so we can bake them and eat them! 

Olive oil, salt and pepper, YUM, ready to eat!


ART + Science = FUN academics
I am going to have the children lace their pumpkins.

The children Labeled their pumpkins after dissecting a real one




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