Monday, November 4, 2013

Five Senses: Sight

Exploring Sight
To introduce what the five senses are and what they are used for, I started circle time with this short song/video clip.
I spy with my little eye, something smooth, bouncy and red. 
What am I?
We played I Spy outside and as well as indoors.
This was a spin off of I spy
What's missing five senses game SIGHT
TRAY full of items

Have the kids close their eyes. Take an item and hide it, then let them guess. Make it harder by adding more objects to your tray.

After a few tries I had the children take turns, taking something and having them ask their classmates "What's Missing?"
They LOVED taking turns.
preschool senses art project
We also made glasses to emphasize that we use our eyes to see things around us.
dora princess five senses preschool language arts
Look and find books
five sences
Matching worksheet. My kids love dry erase markers, so whenever possible I use these clear sheets.

Preschool five senses free worksheet
I found this worksheet on They have so many FREE worksheets for each sense.
Language Arts
Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See (song)
Draw what you see: self-portrait

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