Thursday, November 7, 2013

Five Senses: Smell

Using our sense of smell to understand the world around us

Painting with spices and kool-aid

5 senses, smell preschool art project painting with spices

Today, I used my sense of smell.

5 sences prek art ideas

prek art activity toddler approved five senses

beautiful painting from my kids.

Language Arts

We wrote our letter and number of the week, drew and traced in scented markers.
prek five senses art project

Science experiment
 How our sense of smell communicates with our brain
Materials: cup, foil, scents of your choice. I only did 7.
7 scents : orange, chocolate candy, lemon extract, mint, grape fresh baked cookie, pumpkin spice
sceince expereiment five senses kindergaten, prek preaschool ideas
He guessed right and wanted to take a look

guess that smell sceince activity five senses


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