Friday, November 8, 2013

Five senses: Taste

What a "Sense"-sational week!
 Learning about our five senses was so much fun. We ended our week exploring our sense of taste. What better, than a science experiment.
Science Experiment
Found this yummy idea on pinterest.

Hi, I'm Nathalie and I'm a pintrest addict :)
five senses taste experiment
Our sorbet flavors ( dairy allergies in my class)

five senses taste sorbet preschool learning
I had them concentrate on their sense of taste, by closing their eyes.
I would encourage them by saying, " close your eyes, use your sense of taste. Move your tongue around, is the flavor sweet, sour, bitter?  Focus and help your brain figure out the flavor by using your sense of taste"

I split my kids up into 3 groups. I was lucky and had a parent helper and an aid.
Some flavors they liked, and some they didn't

I would have them guess the flavor and then "drum roll" as I revealed the mystery flavor.



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