Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Transportation Ideas for centers

Fun Math Center
You can purchase this on AMAZON
Lakeshore has great science kits. I normally make my own, due to my budget, but a co-worker  offered let me borrow hers, so I did :)
Sink or float concept
Can Do! Sink or Float Discovery Kit - Pre K-Gr. 1
I'm sooo lucky to have parent helpers!

Exploring Motion/Speed/Weight
Transportation puzzles are another great center that improves spatial skills and critical thinking.

Looks like PLAY, but it's REALLY...
The kids were reviewing a lot of their new vocabulary during their "free play"
Here is their Transportation vocabulary for the week.

-      Yield, stop, railroad tracks, momentum, bridge, freeway, vehicles,  crosswalk, traffic, map, massive, bucket, haul, demolition, signal and transportation. 

I am sure there are many other words I left out. If you have a more, please be sure to share below in the comments section :) I am always trying to improve, as I still consider myself a rookie preschool teacher!


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