Monday, February 17, 2014

Dental hygine ideas for preschool and Kindergarten

We were so fortunate to have the tooth fairy come to our classroom and tell us all about sugar bugs, cavities and how to keep our teeth healthy and strong.

They learned how to properly brush their teeth.

Practiced brushing in circular motion.
Healthy tooth vs. unhealthy tooth
They cut foods out of magazines that helped keep their teeth healthy (white paper with tooth template) and they also cut out pictures of foods that cause them to get cavities and pasted it on their yellow tooth.

Measuring activity- My tooth brush is # ___ long.
They used cheerios, bears, buttons, cubes, marshmallows and raisins to measure.
Counting and adding teeth
10 teeth on top = 10 teeth on the bottom = 20 teeth total

I bought these posters on Oriental trading

 PLAYDOUGH  - fine-motor skill
learning to floss
Dramatic Play
This is so much fun for me and the kids. My kids were reciting everything I had taught throughout the week, during their free play. One of  the dentists were giving the patient tips how to prevent cavities. Listening to them play was quite a treat. 

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