Saturday, November 30, 2013

Letter of the week: Jj

Alphabet Art Book
Jj is for jumping jaguars
Letter of the week songs and Youtube videos
I use these through the week.
My kids love watching these and then we practice printing them on our white board/ projector.
Here are a few other letter J short video clips I like to use.
Share Day
Picture COMING SOON...


Friday, November 22, 2013

Thankgiving Feast

Simple, Fun and Educational.
Having our own Thanksgiving Feast was something the children have been looking forward to. They get to choose if they want to be a Native American or a Pilgrim.
I had them make their own pattern Feather headbands for our party.

We also decorated Native American vest for our party

 Our feast consisted of: Chicken nuggets, rolls, cranberry sauce-jelly, grapes, corn, apple cider, and turkey cookies for dessert.
My little pilgrim
 My cute Native Americans
Happy Thanksgiving from Mrs. Nathalie's Preschool Class.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My First Thanksgiving Book

This bound spiral Thanksgiving book was a project spread over 2 weeks. Each day we worked on one page for their Thanksgiving book.

Making the Mayflower. Below is a song that my kids love to sing about the Mayflower.
My little Pilgrims building homes

I displayed them on the wall, so my walls weren't bare for our Thanksgiving Feast

 One of my kids Thanksgiving book

Hope you enjoyed my twist on this Thanksgiving story art book.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Tons of Thanksgiving Ideas

Thanksgiving fun!

Morning Circle

I use this video to introduce the kids to our Thanksgiving theme for the week.
Play-dough Turkey's
Counting Feathers  
Turkey body template for our math activity:

I drew lines where I wanted them to put the glue on.
*fine-motor skills activity
made made easy for preschool Thanksgiving
All my kids are on different levels, so I modified it to match their needs.
Here are some samples:

Making patterns
native american make a pattern headband
I had them cut their own squares/rectangles and paste them to make a pattern. We also practiced using a tape dispenser to tape their feather on their "Indian head band"
Indian corn
Thanksgiving art activity indian corn
 For the paint I just added a little bit of brown to each of the colors I wanted to use. I used purple, red, beige, and yellow, all with a tint of brown.
Thanksgiving art activity indian corn

We compared and discussed the differences between Indian Corn and the traditional corn on the cob they eat at home. This is also a great FINE MOTOR SKILL ACTIVITY.

More ART...
Making a tissue paper fish for our Thanksgiving book.
Great short video of the Thanksgiving story, told by Plymouth the Rock. My kids LOOVE IT!
Made Plymouth Rock for their Thanksgiving book
Great fine-motor skill activity cutting, gluing and tearing activity
Block Area
Build a home like the Pilgrims did.
Language Arts
While prepping for our week about The First Thanksgiving, I came across a pin on pinterest which lead me to

She has available lots of FREE cute Thanksgiving clipart and loads of kinder Thanksgiving ideas. 
in progress
I came across this site that has TONS of links of things relating to Thanksgiving. 

Here's the website:



Friday, November 8, 2013

Five senses: Taste

What a "Sense"-sational week!
 Learning about our five senses was so much fun. We ended our week exploring our sense of taste. What better, than a science experiment.
Science Experiment
Found this yummy idea on pinterest.

Hi, I'm Nathalie and I'm a pintrest addict :)
five senses taste experiment
Our sorbet flavors ( dairy allergies in my class)

five senses taste sorbet preschool learning
I had them concentrate on their sense of taste, by closing their eyes.
I would encourage them by saying, " close your eyes, use your sense of taste. Move your tongue around, is the flavor sweet, sour, bitter?  Focus and help your brain figure out the flavor by using your sense of taste"

I split my kids up into 3 groups. I was lucky and had a parent helper and an aid.
Some flavors they liked, and some they didn't

I would have them guess the flavor and then "drum roll" as I revealed the mystery flavor.



Thursday, November 7, 2013

Five Senses: Smell

Using our sense of smell to understand the world around us

Painting with spices and kool-aid

5 senses, smell preschool art project painting with spices

Today, I used my sense of smell.

5 sences prek art ideas

prek art activity toddler approved five senses

beautiful painting from my kids.

Language Arts

We wrote our letter and number of the week, drew and traced in scented markers.
prek five senses art project

Science experiment
 How our sense of smell communicates with our brain
Materials: cup, foil, scents of your choice. I only did 7.
7 scents : orange, chocolate candy, lemon extract, mint, grape fresh baked cookie, pumpkin spice
sceince expereiment five senses kindergaten, prek preaschool ideas
He guessed right and wanted to take a look

guess that smell sceince activity five senses