Thursday, October 3, 2013

Homemade Clay Leaves

I found this recipe on pinterest and decided to make it in class. Honestly, you could use less than 4 cups of flour. I have 12 kids in my class and we had tons of left over flour. 

All you need: Flour, Salt, and water

Mix it and make into balls. I had the kids help me make the balls and roll them flat. 
I did not buy silk leaves like the directions stated, and I was a little sorry I didn't. The veins were not showing, so I ended up using a toothpick to make the imprint a little more noticeable.
Also make sure the knead it very well or it will have a crackle look.

Here is the finish look. I ended up flipping the leaves over because the bottom was still doughy, and unfortunately it caused some of them to bubble up :(

I let the kids play with the extra dough. They made leaf print and we talked about the vines, stem and blade. 

Over all, it turned out to be a great activity! 

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